Air Plant in a Tiny Mug

Air Plant in a Tiny Mug

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Ok, get this, these are real, live plants in teeny tiny tin mugs to remind you to "Celebrate the Little Things!" This comes with a “smile guarantee”... place your tiny mug on your desk, kitchen counter, bedside table...etc and it is guaranteed to bring you a smile :)

We hope you guys love these! We had so much fun dreaming these up and creating them! Free shipping! (Unfortunately, these cannot be shipped internationally.)

These air plants are a variety of shapes and personalities- they are quirky and unique and are guaranteed to keep you company and bring you a smile. Some of them have a green hue, others have a purplish hue. They might occasionally bloom and give you a flower! They have a fun little fuzzy layer on the outside. They want to soak in a little dish of water once a week for a few minutes and they love indirect sunlight. 30 day “your air plant won’t die if you follow the instructions” guarantee :)

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