Air Plant in a Tiny Mug

Air Plant in a Tiny Mug

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Ok, get this, these are real, live plants in teeny tiny tin mugs. We have put four of our favorite Frey life motivational statements on these mugs (and "The Frey Life" on the back) as a little reminder throughout your day. This comes with a “smile guarantee”... place your tiny mugs on your desk, kitchen counter, bedside table...etc and it is guaranteed to bring you a smile :)

Choose your motivational saying or buy the whole set!

We hope you guys love these! We had so much fun dreaming these up and creating them! Free shipping! (Unfortunately, these cannot be shipped internationally.)

These air plants are a variety of shapes and personalities- they are quirky and unique and are guaranteed to keep you company and bring you a smile. Some of them have a green hue, others have a purplish hue. They might occasionally bloom and give you a flower! They have a fun little fuzzy layer on the outside. They want to soak in a little dish of water once a week for a few minutes and they love indirect sunlight. 30 day “your air plant won’t die if you follow the instructions” guarantee :)