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Tiny Surprise Cactus | Watercolor Original Painting

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It all started with a little cactus sketch on the edge of my paper. I pulled my watercolor paints out and began painting. I loved the way each cactus took on a character of its own! These cacti are modeled after my very own live cacti, or the cactus pictures that you all sent to me! They are each in a tiny, weathered terra cotta pot and with each bump, scrape, and crack, you can clearly tell how much life they have lived! I had an indescribable amount of fun painting these tiny originals and I’m honored and grateful that you want to welcome them into your homes and hearts.

Each tiny cactus original is on a 2 inch by 3 inch mounted watercolor paper. It will arrive in a protective plastic sleeve, which you can remove as soon as you unpack it :) the cactus will be thankful for a breath of fresh air after its journey.

You will receive a mounted, signed, tiny surprise cactus on a tiny wooden easel.

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